Day and Night Synopsis

Day and Night : It is the 1st of June, in the UK, modern day.

A premises which by day is a bustling, modern coffee shop. By night becomes a bar/nightclub. Both businesses attract a wide range of clientele – we follow individuals and groups of people, of varying ages, each with a story to tell.

The Owner, money-orientated and hungry for success, will open both acts.

In each act, the premises has a manager, these characters will narrate links between the songs, or set up the scene in which the characters about to sing create a scenario with dialogue leading up to their song.

ACT I - Café Bar (12 songs)

Stage set with a simple frame work at front tab showing windows on either side of a door – it is the frontage of a café – beyond are tables, chairs, serving counter to one side (that will double as a bar in Act II) Front of this façade begins single voices for Who Will Buy, four traders coming to deliver their wares to the coffee shop. As the song progresses the façade lifts and we are inside the café – a similar framework at the back of the set shows the reverse of the front frame façade. Coffee Shop Manager takes the lead vocal where required and chorus joins the four traders to complete the song.

The coffee shop is now open and staff and customers are coming and going, three workers enter looking to order takeaway coffee before going to work, they have partied all night, Good Morning.

The coffee shop manager has the first of his/her ‘asides’ to the audience – he/she will be the only direct communicator with the audience and updates them on various individuals and groups that appear in the café. This will continue in a similar fashion with the Bar Manger in the Act 2.

The Managers aside gives an insight into the café and the managers’ job which leads to the song People.

An enthusiastic group of young performing students begin to discuss what they will be doing that day – they have covered most dance styles, but tap is the latest one they have been working on – keen to show their talents off they begin Tap Your Troubles Away.

The other customers watching comment ‘Hey – it’s not just you young things that can dance – we all have rhythm! I Got Rhythm.

Girl enters, regular customer – confused (and amused) about the fact that she has three men ‘chasing’ her – they appear vying for attention, she’s not sure if any of them are suitable. Tom Dick or Harry.

A group of friends surround her - and they all reassure her – reminding her that regardless of which man she chooses (if any!) she will always have her friends For Now.

Lots of excitement when a newlywed couple rush in – followed by their parents – it is a very small ‘no fuss’ affair and amid all the chat/excitement of the young people – the parents start to sing Sunrise Sunset.

A photographer gets involved –‘You can’t get married without having it recorded for posterity’ – the wedding group gather for the photograph Flash Bang Wallop.

Elsewhere in the coffee shop a lady is watching the excitement unfold and feeling melancholy – recalling her own true love sings Hello Young Lovers.

Some couples gather to discuss the happy young couple and discussion turns to their own possible marriages which leads into June Bride.

The Owner suggests he can help with wedding catering and offers to arrange something very quickly for the enthusiastic bride(s) to be – the dialogue leads into the whole ensemble closing the First Act with June Is Bustin Out All Over.

ACT II - Nightclub (14 songs)

Scene opens as a busy bar/nightclub – same set up as Act I, but set up for the night time.

Introduction from Club Owner, female soloist appears, chorus are staff serving or customers seated at tables/milling about. Cabaret

Owner of the bar introduces himself once again – bit of a showman, quite cynical about his customers, as long as they keep spending, he will keep counting the takings - There is a Sucker Born Every Minute.

Bar Manager sets the next scene, and gives a narrative around the couples he sees coming and going – pointing out three couples dotted about the room. The scene develops with dialogue from the couples – each situation slightly different from the next and leading to three different songs that link musically from one to each other. The number finishes in a linked three part harmony. Love Changes Everything, Unexpected Song and I Don’t know How to Love Him.

A group of club regulars’ debate over which artist they feel deserve a tribute – which artist has the most appeal to all ages – various names are mentioned, but the consensus is that Queen appeal to everyone. A Tribute to Queen

Woman sitting alone the bar is rather drunk some dialogue with the bar man leads into Ladies Who Lunch.

A few guys gathered at the bar are trying to work out whose round it is – one of them (it’s his round) is in a world of his own as he watches a girl across the room which leads into Some Enchanted Evening.

A new customer comes into the bar – the bar is ‘buzzing’ “I didn’t know this place existed – wow – I love the atmosphere” Feeling Good.

Bar Manager notices a couple and again discusses with patrons at the bar – “they come in once or twice a week – they don’t say much but I suspect they are making the most of a snatched hour or two” We Kiss in a Shadow / I Have Dreamed

An older man is watching the couple, and having met and introduced himself to a young man sitting at his table, he offers him some sage advice How to Handle a Woman.

Girl who is at a table with several girls and guys gets a bit mouthy – she is disowned (to a degree) by the group and she ends up alone with her thoughts There are Worse Things I could Do.

The Club Owner sensing a drop in the atmosphere encourages everyone to stay a while longer with the offer of a drink on the house Drinking Song.

The Bar Manager, who has spent the entire second act watching and commenting on his patrons, reiterates that he spends his time people watching, particularly the female clientele – he finds a like-minded partner at the bar. Pretty Women

Couple chatting at a table – they are confirming their friendship and they agree that life is based on friend ship, they share the fun they have had together through the song Friendship

By the end of the song Friendship – the whole cast is agreeing with their philosophy and they decide that if they get on with their days in a positive fashion they know that the rhythm of life will keep them going Rhythm of Life.