Finian's Rainbow : 1969

The Staff

Producer  -   Tom McNeil  
Assistant Producer  -   John Anderson  M.A., Dip. Ed.
Musical Director  -   Tom Anderson  Dip.Mus.Ed.(R.S.A.M.), L.R.A.M.
With Special Acknowledgment to  -   D.J.F. Fraser  M.B.E., Hon. R.A.M., Hon. R.C.M.,
 F.T.C.L., F.T.S.C., L.R.A.M.
Conductor  -   Band Sgt./Major E. Duffy  (By kind permission of
 Lt. Col. R.L.S. Green,
 Royal Highland Fusiliers)
Choreographer  -   Alice Grant  
Musical Staff  -   A.L. McClure, Muriel McCulloch,
 A.M. Halley, Joan Fraser
Stage Director  -   Marshall Taylor