Inverness Opera Company
Bill Fraser
Bill Fraser M.B.E.
Hon. Life President

Inverness Musical Theatre Company
formerly known as
Inverness Opera Company

Established in 1925

Our next production will be "Me and My Girl"
Wed 23rd to Sat 26thMarch 2016

It is interesting to note that when the Company was formed in 1925, their first production was of The Mikado, performed in the "Old Central Halls Picture House'. Later this was re-named 'The Empire Theatre' after a stage was provided.

When the Empire Theatre closed in 1970, the Company moved to the Playhouse Cinema - then came the disastrous fire when it burned down in 1972. However, true to the saying 'the show must go on', the Company continued with productions in the Royal Academy and High School halls until the opening of Eden Court Theatre in 1976.

I am sure you will agree that a tremendous debt of gratitude is due to the many amateur artists who, over almost 90 years, have presented wonderful productions in a very professional manner.

From our Honorary President, Bill Fraser M.B.E.